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Who – the weScooper is principally an informed person. S\He reads at least three books a year, one of which mustn’t be fiction; has been or is currently undertaking academic education; is a morning person, but one with a mild coffee addiction; knows what TED, H.S.T. and Quechua are, yet has no clue about Fenwick and has spasmatic attacks if at Harrod’s; owns at least two gadgets, one of which is not a Playstation; knows about Faust and/or Sisyphus and Orwell and/or Golding; is a top chocolate consumer and recycles where possible.

What – weScoop aims to bring what matter to who matters, be that latest or long forgotten information; has a commitment to truth and refuses to display jibber jabber; weScoop wants to become the ultimate news curator.

Why – because s\he cares.

Where – Internet and Web 2.0.

When – at breakfast or lunch, reccommended while having the coffee; whenever something matters.




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